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Noa Goren

Noa Goren

Jewellery artist

The 'Black' collection based on black ceramic vessels, made of recycled material and coated with black glaze. All carefully handmade, inspired by Wabi-Sabi's Japanese aesthetic and philosophy, which portray the impermanence, wisdom and beauty of imperfection. With restrained elegance, finesse and lightness by being thin and strong. The collection consists of Plates, bowls, serving vessels and glasses. Embracing the cracks is Noa personal signature.

"Throughout my daily inner dialogue, I realized that a link (knot & relationships) has a beginning and an end. The hand and the eye know how to trace the course of a fragile and winding line. Lines that are a brief passing memory left from the encounter between the sea and shoreline. Lines that illustrate motion in space".Noa jewelry is state of the art. Designing and creating 18k-22k gold  jewelry incorporating diamonds and precious stones. Noa minimalist design is rich in texture imaginative design includes linear, curvy and multi-dimensional creation that is influenced by her clean and modern style. Her creations transfigure from simple lines to inspiring shapes that mold to the body.

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